Which Script Step To Use?

Discussion created by cmj on Mar 29, 2018
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I'm not sure what script step to use for the following scenario:


I'm in a layout called ClientProducts.  There is a ClientID associated with the specific client on the layout.

On exit of a  product field that contains a popup of values, I want to check and see if the value selected (ProductID) can be found in a join table.

Note that values are created in the join table, before any records are created in the ClientProducts table.


It's possible that there are no matching ClientID's in the join


There is a ClientID but no matching ProductID


There is a matching ClientID and ProductID in the join table.


As for the script step - would it be best to use Find Matching Records (can I look for multiple matches ClientID & ProductID) or Perform Find or is there another script step that's better suited.


The reason for finding a match is to allow a script trigger on the exit of the popup (ProductID). If a match does not exist, I want to show a dialog, "The product selected does has not been set up with this Client".