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Creating New Records in a Portal (Many-to-Many Relationship)

Question asked by fmuser2018 on Mar 30, 2018

Update: No longer need help with this question. (Unsure how to delete) Thanks!


Hi I am new to FileMaker, and I have a question that is probably pretty simple. I am trying to allow the creation of new records in a portal within a many-to-many relationship. I have a table of employees and a table of system IDs. Multiple employees can have one or more system IDs. A system ID could apply to more than one employee. To solve for this, I created a "Table 1" below to join the employee table and the system table.

Primary KeyEmployee ID
System ID


For my relationships I allowed:

1. Allow the creation of records in the System table from the System table relationship to "Table 1" (connected on System ID).

2. Allow the creation of records in "Table 1" from the Employee table relationship to "Table 1" (connected on Employee ID).


I have an Employee Details layout based on the context of my Employee table. I drew a portal on this layout that pulls information from the System table. I was able to enter one record. This then correctly populated a record in the System table and in "Table 1". However, it is not allowing me to enter more than one record per employee now.


Does anyone know how I can allow additional records to be created through this portal? I checked out the FM tutorial here but am still stuck (Portals and Related Data | FileMaker Custom App Academy..).