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Quick Access to Layouts - Windows 10

Question asked by J_File on Mar 31, 2018
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I have found a rather odd behaviour when tyring to access my layout s from the quick access dropdown  (top left hand side of window). Any layout I try to select after Layout number 255 goes to the very last layout (number 311). So any layout I try to go to from 255 - 310 jumps to the very last layout. If I change what the last layout is, anything from 255 to 310 then goes to this new last layout. This does not happen on my Mac.


Has anybody encountered this before? I think this is a real bug in the Windows version of FileMaker. If you agree, how do I inform FMI about it to try to get them to squeeze it into the next version of FileMaker which is due imminently.


Thanks, James