OSx vs Windows - Viewing Quality

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Hi all.


Looking for some inspiration from my fellow FM developers.


I have been building a monster app for the last 18 months and am really pleased with how it is going. Started from no experience, so it has been a very steep learning curve.


I originally started developing on a Mac I have always liked the look of Macs and wanted to own one, although my work environment has always been Windows based.


Anyway, I think I have been really spoiled. I have been using a Mac Book Pro connected to a Dell 27" 4k monitor (P2715Q), and the quality of the viewing experience has been nothing short of amazing. Very easy to sit in front of the screen for hours on end, with no eye strain, looking at beautifully rounded fonts. Even working on the 13.3" MBP has been great for short bursts on the train or on the sofa due to the excellent resolution and brilliant oSX scaling. In this time, I have done the odd bit in Bootcamp, and always though it was not as good an experience, but it was only for 5 or 10 minutes at a time to just check if a certain script was working OK or not.


Anyway, as my app has developed, I have realised that ALL my users are going to be Windows users, so I figure I am far better off developing in Windows so I can replicate exactly what my users are going to be seeing. e.g. pdf functionality, print functionality etc.


I have bought a Windows PC and connected it to the Dell 27" 4k monitor via HDMI 2.0 cable. The MBP was always connected via a Thunderbolt to DisplayPort cable. Although it is still displaying 4k at 60Hz, working within the FileMaker envionment is now less nice. Even compared to native Microsoft apps, such as Word, Outlook and Excel, all text and buttons just look a bit fuzzy / shadowy / out of focus. I have tried all sorts of sharpness settings in the display, tried the Windows built in Clear Type Text Tuner, but nothing gets me back to my gorgeous viewing experience on the MBP or MBP connected to the Dell monitor. The PC I am using is a custom built machine (AMD Ryzen 5 processor, ASUS motherboard, with a high spec and external graphics card, NVIDIA GTX 1030). The NVIDIA is doing the work to pass the signal to the Monitor. Another thing I have noticed between the two is that everything is more spaced out on the Windows version of FileMaker, which means the same sorts of resolution / scaling settings don't work as well.


I have bought a 43" 4k (LG 43UD79-B) monitor to see if the extra screen size would help (to give me bigger text) at similar resolution, but this is even worse - it is going back next week. I am going to take my MBP running Bootcamp to a computer store locally and try a load of their screens to see if I can get something I prefer. Thinking of a (very expensive) Dell 32" 4k ultrasharp monitor. I would prefer a couple fo 24" 1080P screen, but my custom app is built around a resolution of 1600 x 900, and when I then enter Layout mode (with FM17) there is not a lot of room left for the the object menu and inspector menus - it means I have to start scrolling from side to side and that is unacceptable.


I am pretty computer savvy, but don't know everything! Is there anyone out there who has used both operating systems, but has found a solution to this to give a comparable working experience between the two? Do I need a better Graphics Card, would that make any difference? I can't imagine it would, I am thinking it is more likely down to the quality of the screen.


The whole viewing experience is so bad, that my brain is focussing on the out of focus text and meaning I can't get any work done!