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Any reason not to user Button Bars instead of Regular Buttons from now on?

Question asked by Eric Whittaker Jr on Apr 1, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by steve_ssh

I have been using button bars and also regular "single" buttons in my solution. But today I wanted to be able to change the text of a regular "single" button but realized there isn't any support for setting the name with a calculated value.


This made me search to see if anyone had solved this and I found one discussion using a technique where you set a global variable and set the buttons name to the merge tag of that variable (<<$$myVariable>>) this seemed like more work then was worth. Also, I don't like leaving global variables lying around for the purpose of keeping track of an objects state.


So then I remembered that I can set the names of buttons in a button bar. So now I have some questions.

1) Why does FileMaker not have that functionality on regular "single" buttons?

2) Is there anything that I would not get from a button bar that I get from a regular button?

3) Is there any reason that I shouldn't just use button bars for every button going forward?


It seems to me that button bars can do it all and I am not sure if there is any downside to using them in place of regular buttons. I can style them all the same as single buttons and I have more control of the button's text because button bars support calculations for the name.


Just hoping that someone will point out any "gotch ya's" if I was to adopt the approach of only using buttons bars for all buttons.