Replacement for the Jive App

Discussion created by bigtom on Mar 31, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by beverly

The FM Community mobile site has issues and is not very user friendly.


The Jive app ("Jive Mobile" on iOS) is a nicer way to browse the community on mobile. However, the Jive App has its own problems. These things have been going on since the move to the "new" Jive platform last year. My guess is that whoever is watching this at FMI is only browning on desktop.


  • Constant crashes. I try to use the app daily and I see crashes about 3-10 times a week. I always send the crash reports.
  • Not able to mark things as helpful. Likes only.
  • Reply works about 40% of the time. Permission warnings that are only reset by force quitting the app....until it happens again. Sometimes multiple force quits are required.
  • No way to properly create a post.
  • Search does not return the same results as web.
  • Cannot read or reference any posts while composing a reply.


I looked into using the Jive API to build something for my personal use, but not really possible since it is an FMI account with Jive. I looked at building something based on the email interaction jive has but it has proven unreliable/unpredictable. The majority of the Jive Mobile app ratings in the App Store are 2 stars or less. Similar reviews describing the crashes and functionality issues.


So how do I end up interacting with the community on mobile? Using the Community website in mobile browser, but only in landscape view. Which is thankfully exactly like the desktop interface. This is the best functionality but not the best interface for mobile.


The Desktop website also has issues with converting to mobile when the page is zoomed in a little. Most websites do not have the issues that Jive has with being responsive to width/zoom.


The community should be easy to use. These issues make it difficult to do on mobile.


If we could get an actual FM Community App on iOS that would be excellent.