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Snapshot Link Errors with Locked Toolbar

Question asked by bigtom on Mar 31, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by bigtom

Product and version: FMP/A/Go 14/15/16

OS and version: Mac/Windows/iOS

Hardware: Various hardware on Mac/Windows/iOS


Snapshot links shows errors for any user login that has the toolbar set to Hide and locked. See the attached image.


This seems to be an existing issue that no one has seemed to officially report.


Send as Snapshot Link - Status Bar Issue

Snapshot Link Error with Locked Toolbar


Myself and others have tried various ways of making changes to privilege sets and the fmpsl XML but this error seems to not be supressable. Error Capture On doe snot help.


How to replicate:

Open any fmp12 file with a snapshot link on any supported platform where the Toolbar is hidden an locked via script on first window open.


Workaround (if any):

Suggested workarounds include :


  • Not locking the toolbar with On First Window Open trigger.
    • I think it is obvious why this is undesirable for any number of reasons and in some cases not secure. There is a reason we have a script step to lock the toolbar.
    • Using an On Layout Enter trigger also runs before the snapshot link parameters and give the error.


Why does the snapshot link need access to the toolbar. This happens even on a layout based on a table with zero records and zero found set specified in the XML.


Why are snapshot links important:

  • Clients need to open files in a hassle free way.
  • FMP/FMGo Launch Center is extremely confusing. I have considered starting a thread where I post quotes from clients who cannot figure out how to open a local file or connect to a hosted file. This happens even after I have prepared a detailed 5-7 page PDF showing how to login to their hosted database. It is that bad. No denying it.
  • fmpurl has issues with Chrome. This is a Chrome issue but it renders the widespread use of fmpurl to open files Chrome is a popular default browser.


Snapshot links are the only thing I give clients to open their database files anymore. They really do not want to interact with FMP/FMGo. They just want to use the solution. This situation with the toolbar lock errors is the only thing keeping snapshot links from being 100% reliable for all FM database solutions. This is an issue.


My only thought is that the snapshot needs access to the toolbar to get to the specified layout and found set. However, when I remove the XML for the Layout and found set I still see this error.