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MicroBlink PDF417 Open From iOS

Question asked by stevestearns on Apr 1, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by stevestearns

I have been using "pdf417 Barcodes PRO" since FileMaker Go 14 with great success. I noticed that MicroBlink released "PDF417" and I am trying to figure out the URL schema (or deep linking) for an Open URL using iOS 11.3.


With "pdf417 Barcodes PRO" I used:


Open URL "pdf417:// scan?type=PDF417&text=true&fmp=true&beep=true&callback=" & GetAsURLEncoded ("fmp: // " & Get (HostName) & " /" & GetAsURLEncoded(Get(FileName)) & ".fmp12?script=insert_barcode”)


I have both apps installed on my iPhone 7 Plus. "PDF417" seems faster and has a clearer look and feel, so I would love to update.


Does anyone know what the new URL coding is?


I have also reached out to MicroBlink and am awaiting a reply.