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How to define a route, set the order of steps for a job.

Question asked by gham on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2018 by erolst

Hello! I am loving Filemaker so far, but I am a newbie!


My question is: Is it possible to "jump" to a record in a sorted found set that matches a foreign key I have stored as a variable? I can find the record fine, but I want to be able to jump to that record and then goto next record to see what the next step is.


Background / And maybe enough info to help me do this a different way:


We're a print shop. I am trying to build a job tracking software. Basically, a job goes into the system and is tracked based on a series of statuses. The order of the statuses a job will go through is called a route. I have a join table that is called j_RouteSteps which lists all the Statuses in a particular Route with the RouteStepNumber to define the order the job should go through the statuses. j_RouteSteps has: RouteStepIDpk, RouteIDfk, StatusIDfk, and RouteStepNumber of course.


Here's an example route:

  1. Artwork
  2. Printing
  3. Cutting
  4. Packaging


Another route might not have cutting or packaging and another might have kitting or drilling for example.


Here's what I want to do: The user will have the job pulled up with all the info they need, including the current status of the job and the route we defined when we put the job into the system. When the user presses the "Complete This Step" button, I want my script to figure out what the next step (Status) is in the route and "move to that step" by changing the job's status to whatever is next.


So If the current status is "Printing" the button should change the status to "Cutting"


Of course, I'll also need to figure in error correction:

  • if it is the last step in a route (Probably consider the job "Complete")
  • or figure out what to do/prompt if a job is outside a route (We move a job into cutting that we didn't have the correct route set for example) and the script cannot figure out what the next step is.


I sure hope I framed this question correctly!