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Using a calculation to populate dropdown

Question asked by Cécile on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by Cécile

I tried something and got a mixed result; can someone explain what I did wrong?


  • I have several layouts that will be used to view lists of things (clients, contacts, products, etc). Each header has a dropdown to select the sort order of the list. 1
  • In each table there is a field called "ValeursPossiblesPourTrierListe" (possible values to sort list) 5 & 6


Instead of having as many value lists as I have layouts, I designated one value list called Clé du tri de la liste (List's sort key) 2.


That value list sources its values from a global field 4 "gIndicateurDeTablePourMenusDéroulants" (gDropdownMenusTablePointer) from a utility table called "Propositions". This field gets the active layout Table's name and concatenate it with the string "possible values to sort list" (which is the name of a field found in every table where the list of sort keys is stored)  to get a reference. So in the current example, the result would be Contacts::ValeursPossiblesPourTrierListe, which is the reference that the field-based value list called "Clé du tri de la liste" 3   should be getting to fetch the value list, contained in the referenced field; for the current table the field's value is

"by client name" ¶ "by city" 6.


What I get is Unrelated table 7 and if I click on the dropdown, there is only one value that shows 8.


selecteur de tri.png