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GetThumbnail size vs GetHeight and GetWidth

Question asked by icandothis on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by icandothis

I've been playing around with container types and contents, and there is something I don't understand.


I have a script that imports an image into a Temporary container field. (To be deleted later)

I have another MyThumbnail container field that is 5" x 5" (360 x 360 pt) on my layout.


After an image is imported into the Temporary container field, the script also sets the MyThumbnail container field accordingly:

Set Field (MyThumbnail);

GetThumbnail (Temporary; 360; 360)


I have two other text fields:  GetContainerWidth and GetContainerHeight. These are calculation fields:

GetHeight (MyThumbnail)

GetWidth (MyThumbnail)


The original image (as opened in Photoshop) is 1314 px X 306 px (resolution 72 ppi). If I create GetHeight and GetWidth fields for the Temporary container, they also show 1314 px X 306 px. But I was surprised that the GetHeight and GetWidth fields for the MyThumbnail container show the same. Since I used GetThumbnail and specified 360 px, shouldn't the GetHeight and GetWidth for the MyThumbnail field show a smaller size?