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Logging into Dropbox account via WebViewer

Question asked by orbitpro on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by orbitpro

I am using FM16 and have a layout that loads a predefined folder on my dropbox account.


Up until recently this worked perfectly.  I accidentally logged out from my Dropbox account within the WebViewer and now I cannot log back in.


When loading the FM layout with the WebViewer I am directed to the DropBox sign in page.  I enter the email and password and click Sign In but it does nothing.


I have checked my username and password by logging in directly with my default browser (Chrome) so I know the details are correct.


Is there a compatibility issue?  At the top of the WebViewer there is a message displaying that "Dropbox doesn't support your browser" but this has been there for a while.  I have attached a screenshot.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.