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Gmail API

Question asked by TimAnderson on Apr 3, 2018
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I have a client who want to be able to send emails (with to, subject and body generated from FileMaker) using their gmail account using whatever footers they have active at the time, keeping a copy of the final email in the database. Then they want to be able to import selected incoming emails into the database to keep a managed conversation.


My thoughts are to create the main content in FileMaker, create a draft in gmail then open that in a web viewer where they can make any changes they will want before sending the email and then clicking a button to import the email content back into the FileMaker record.

Similarly they could import any viewed email from the web viewer into a FileMaker record.


I have played with the gmail api and managed to create a draft, but even using the api helper tool (on the gmail api help site) I cannot do more than add the body. I have looked at the headers for an existing email and tried to match there but all I get is the body, no 'to' or 'subject'.


Is what I am trying to do is possible, I have gone round in circles and confused myself (not that difficult - I am a beginning with REST ), and if so can anyone point me to any examples to help


Thank you