Multiple Conditional Value Lists and Auto Enter Single Values

Discussion created by 3DSteve on Apr 3, 2018
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Hi All,

  Newbie here, I am working on developing my first solution. My file contains 4 tables. 3 that contain data and a fourth that will act as a "product selector". In the product selector, my layout has 12 functional conditional value lists, pulling their data from a single table. (I anticipate adding the two additional tables with different but necessary data soon)  The first 4 popup menus pair down the available selections. The fifth value list selection has 3 possibilities. Once that selection is made, the remaining popup menus contains only single values. (these are populated with data that I want the user to be aware of but does not require user input to acquire)  Is there a way to have the remaining popup menus auto-populate with the single value item list?