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Portal Filtering Question

Question asked by Slumberjack on Apr 3, 2018
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I have three tables with various sets of data. Members, roles and member roles.


Members - A row for each member with their name and a UUID ID


Roles - Possible roles with a name and UUID ID


Member Roles - Table with a row for each occurence of a role for each member.

For example, there may be 100 occurences of the same role in this table each tied to a different member.


I'm trying to build a portal that displays records in the roles table that the member in focus doesn't have already assigned.


I have a relationship from member roles to roles. It is mem_role::role_id = mem::role_id AND mem_role::mem_id_g (Global that I set on layout enter) = role::role_id


This doesn't seem to be working the way I need it to and I haven't found anything similar online yet. Does anyone have any ideas for how to set this up either through relationships or filtering?