Inputing data into fields with special formatting

Discussion created by brbsqrd on Apr 3, 2018
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I searched the community and couldn't find anything on my subject, so I'm asking here. Is there a way to place special formatting into a field that keeps data entry to a specific input. I have checked the Inspector in the Layout builder and couldn't find anything there either.  Example; I have a Text field for a phone number. Is there a way to just enter the ten numbers without the hyphen or period and the hyphen will automatically be entered?  Years ago I worked with a programming language that allowed a field to be formatted like such: @###-###-####  this allowed only the ten numbers and the hyphen's automatically inserted. I also recall a similar format that would capitalize the first character of a name. Can't remember exactly but it was something like entering the format character @U in the fields settings in the formatting section (like the Inspector.) When you typed a word the very first character automatically changes to a capital letter.


If this type of formatting isn't included is there a possibility it could be in a future upgrade of FileMaker Pro?