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Time limit exceeded or server stopped on Perform Find step

Question asked by noto on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by noto

Hello, I have got a script running every hour.

The idea is:


Table A with field 1

related with

Table B with field 2 and field 3


We needed to perform a find in table B with records with some criteria of table A field 1, but the user experience was not good (too much time running).

We made a calculation field (Table B field 2) and then a script that performs find based on table B field 2 and fills table B field 3 with table A field 1.

Then, when user performs find based on table B field 3 gets good performing time.


The script runs ok (a lot of time running) on a FileMaker Pro connection, but running scheduled on server stops very often.


Can you help me?

Any alternative ideas to accomplish the objetive?