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trouble transferring files from Filemaker server 15 to Filemaker server 16

Question asked by lrbeatty on Apr 3, 2018
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I am setting up a new server on a second mac mini to run filemaker server 16. I had another mac mini rumming filemaker server 15. I could not upgrade the old mac mini server running filemaker 15 as the hard drive was set up as a raid and it would not let me install either osx 12 or osx 13. So I set up filemaker server on the other mac mini. The server setup went fine until I copied the databases from the filemaker 15 server by flash drive to install them in the proper folder of the new server. The files all showed up fine, but were all marked as closed. When I tried to open the files only a few of the files opened. the other will not open, they stay closed. I have looked at the files and can not figure out why some opened and other did not unless it is because some are password protected. The ones that did open worked fine on the new server but many of my files require other filemaker files to open and many of them won't open. I would appreciate any help as I am stuck. For the time being I will use my old server but I want toi be able to upgrade to server 16.