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PDF in container works from Mac but not Windows (FM15)

Question asked by DavidRemsen on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by Fred(CH)

A colleague and I share a database on FMP Server that contains a container field for storing a PDF.  She uses FMP 15 on Windows.  I use FMP Advanced 15 on a Mac and the server is FMP Server 15.  We should all be up to date in regard to system and application.  We want to be able to view a PDF that is stored in a Container field. The container field on the layout is set to handle interactive content (PDF). 


When I drag and drop a PDF into the container I can view the file contents as expected.   When she views the record, she can only see a PDF icon with the accompanying filename. Clicking on the icon does nothing.  If she right-clicks and selects Export Field Contents the PDF downloads to her machine and she can open and view it in Acrobat.


If I send her the exact PDF file that worked for me and she adds it to the container field (either by drag-and-drop or Right Click, Insert File) she only sees the icon & filename but no content.  Now, however, I cannot see the content and instead see what she sees: the PDF icon & filename.  Again, clicking it does nothing but I can also Export Field Contents and view the file locally.  This occurs with any PDF file she adds to the system.


Any ideas why this would occur?  Many thanks if you do!