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Export to multiple excel files

Question asked by wimgrandia on Apr 4, 2018
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At the moment i have a script that export certain records to an excel file.

But what i would like is an export script to multiple excel files.


Let's say i have 10 records with two fields (field A and field B) and field A contains the company name.

I would like to have an export script that makes a different excel file for every company name it finds.

So if the first 3 records all have the same company name these three records get exported to an excel file. Then the next 2 records have another same company name they get exported to a second excel file and so on.


At the moment all i can think of is to make a script that exports per hardcoded company name but that means i have to make a line of export for every company there is in my database..


Is it even remotely possible what i want?