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Dealing with RunTime Changes

Question asked by mrosenhek on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by mrosenhek

I created a RT for a client that now wants some additions. I thought I could simply make the changes in my copy  (in FMP), since he has not entered much data, then change the file extension retaining the original file name. When I tested this, the app had issues finding the "original file". If I am going in the other direction for example, I can take an .fmpur file, change the extension to .fmp12, and open natively in FMP.


Is the best (or only) way to make changes, to ask the client for the .fmpur file back from HIS solution, make the changes there, and send the file back? OR do I need to make changes in HIS file and then recompile the solution? The trouble there would be the Containers folder contents ....