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Entering and Display Nested One to Many Tables on a single layout

Question asked by kevinj3737 on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hey all,


I'm trying to design a layout that allow me to enter and display data from nested one to many tables.


I have attached my relationship and my layout below.


My main layout is "JSA". On this layout I would like to create multiple job steps. Each job step can have multiple hazards, and each hazard can have multiple safeguards. I was hoping that I could nest portals but that appears not possible


JSA -> Job Step -> Hazard -> Safeguard


The portal on my layout is showing records from the "Job Step" table. Which creates a new job step for each "many" instance of my hazard or safeguard. For instance if a job step has two safeguards it create 2 different job steps to enter this data. This causes extra job step data as shown in the screenshot.


I'd like one job step that can have multiple hazards. Each hazard can have multiple safeguards. All under one job step.


If you have any insight or helpful tips, please let me know!


Thank you!