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SSO on an unmanaged device

Question asked by andre65 on Apr 4, 2018
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We have a lot of databases (275) on 7 FM servers (13 and 15)
Users are connected thru the external server (AD server (all in one AD group))
The unmanaged device has an self-created username and password.  (like username Piet and password Whatever )
On the windows (unmanned) device they connect to our wifi with there AD credentials ;

username : puk.p

pasword : welcome01


If they are opening a database the SSO (Single Sign On) takes over and opens the database in de background with puk.p and password welcome01. The AD account.


Because this is an unmanaged device we want all those users get the FileMaker loginwindow to identify them.
With SSO they don't get this !!



Devices are sometimes lent out and wifi is connecting automatically (ICT has no influence on this).
If this happens we (or the user) has a problem !!!


How can we prevent this from happening? Can I prevent FileMaker is using this SSO

My first solution is a re-login script?


I found out that Windows is using a Windows Credential called '*Session'.
If I change or delete this FileMaker shows me the login window.


Andre Vink