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PHP for Webhook to FM DB

Question asked by aklguy79 on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by mdenyse

Hi FM community I am trying to come up with a solution Using Webhooks and SendGrid

We did try to start off using Zapier but the requests were just coming ina nd we were always running out of Zaps and it was not worth upgrading to the next plan.

But I do not know one end of PHP to HTML.


Can anyone offer some idea how I can write a PHP script that will run each time Sendgrid posts a Webhook request

to go to a certain Filemaker DB (and layout I assume) and set the fields to the result?

If I set the fields in FM DB to use the same parameters as Sendgrid to make things easier, I can then do the other tidying with calculation fields etc.


The parameters I will need are found here: Setting Up The Inbound Parse Webhook - SendGrid Documentation | SendGrid


is it worthwhile setting up a special user in FM user access that can only do this posting and have no other access?


Thanks for any assistance