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A word in one field to determine whether a calculation in done in another field

Question asked by bridge101 on Apr 5, 2018
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I am trying to use a field's contents to determine another fields' calculation. So in my field1, I have either "YES" or "NO". In field2, I am wanting to use field1 "No" to leave field2 empty, but if field1 has a "Yes", I want to have two possible outcomes in field2. One outcome is a "MATCH" based on two other fields contents are equal and the other outcome is a "IN RANGE" based on the same two fields less then numbers. The "No" seems to work, but only the last "IN Range" works, not the "Match". Below is my cobbled attempt at putting together this calculation.


Let ([

Status_1 = "No";Status_2 = " "];


Case (


     Status_1 = "YES"; number1field = numberfield2::number2 ;"MATCH";



     Status_1 = "YES"; number1field   <   numberfield2::number2 ;"IN RANGE" ;