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Help to understand how a web based FM solution works

Question asked by ambromfg on Apr 5, 2018
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I have been using Filemaker as an amateur for many years now but 100% of the solutions that I made were for companies that I worked for and were either run locally not via a server or were used with the local server.  I've recently considered using Filemaker to develop some ideas that I have that I would like to sell as solutions, but I am not familiar with other programming languages that would be needed to use the solution via the web.  I know that Filemaker has Web Sharing, but it seems to me that it's not robust enough to be used as an actual solution that people would pay for.  It seems like PHP or Java are the languages used mostly for the web.  Not that Filemaker is not compatible with those languages.  What I'm really asking is this ... does anyone use just Filemaker itself to deploy decent solutions via the web?  If so, do you have to use any HTML or PHP in order to deploy them?  Do you have any links that are public that shows what Filemaker alone can do via a browser?