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Get(ActiveSelectionStart) and Line Break/Soft Return Format Issues

Question asked by spudmw on Apr 6, 2018
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I have created an Email Template table but I am having a two pronged issue that seems simple to fix but i cant find the right solution to either.  The first is that I have mail merge buttons that place text into a text area based on the placement of the cursor. The user types in a message and based on the current location of the cursor, can press a button and text will be inserted at that location. It works on the desktop version but not in WebDirect, I saw that there were limitations with webdirect, it randomly moves the cursor/text at the end of the message, beginning and middle of words. I am wondering if theres a different solution I can use to avoid these issues.


The second issue is that I am trying to find a way to have soft returns in the message template (See attached images).  In the message template and message preview, I see nice soft returns, but when I receive the email, there a paragraph break if I have my "<<break>>" and a run-on sentence if I don't have that in there.  For the "<<break>>", it is only inserting a "¶"  and I also tried Char(13).


Is there a way to just get soft returns/next line for my emails.


Thank you!