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Serializing existing and new records on FM Pro 16...I'm lost

Question asked by mars-cmpyro on Apr 5, 2018
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Hello everyone,


I have a database, using FileMaker Pro 16, of about 300 records; this database is carried over from year to year.  Each record is the data for fireworks displays and from that data we generate Insurance certificates from a layout in the database.  I need to  discern a way to make a certificate number, without duplicates.  From searching other threads about setting serial numbers and how I will infrequently be creating new records, I think the best way is to script in a set next serial value?  Each generated insurance certificate is opened as a PDF using that function in Filemaker and then saved as desired before being sent to the state and our insurer.  I haven't been able to generate a serial number using the Auto-Enter Serial Number, On commit function and I'm too much of a novice to decipher how to correctly write the script.  In manage>database, I currently have the field type set as number and the options are Indexed, auto-enter serial and Can't modify Auto.  Is it possible to create a script that will run only when I want?  Meaning, I open the insurance certificate layout for a record and make button to run said script that would assign the next serial number to the document?  I'm a little over my head here and apologize in advance for potentially using the incorrect nomenclature.  Below are edited screen shots of what i'm trying to complete, I hope they can help display my dilemma.

Record 1.JPG


Insurance Cert.JPG


There are several of us in the office that enter data into the database and/or create new records so I can't hand jam the cert numbers.  Since we do create new records when we sign new shows I need a serializing process that would work with existing and new records.  My appreciation for any assistance is immense!