Keyboard Type discrepancies on iPhone X

Discussion created by jfencil on Apr 5, 2018
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Hello All,


Observation 1:


I recently noticed that there are different FM Go adjustments made depending on the keyboard type show below in Figures 1-2. They do not act the same way universally....meaning that they number keyboard has no effect on the layout where the text keyboard readjusts the layout and makes it smaller to fit the keyboard.


Observation 2: On iPhone X using the number keyboard, the Home Bar covers portions of the "0" and "." buttons on the number keyboard. On iPhone X using the text keyboard, the Home Bar is isolated (Figure 2.)



Figure 1. Number Keyboard


For example, the number keyboard (Fig 1) above is noticeably smaller than the text keyboard (Fig 2) below. FM Go reacts differently for both. The number pad is small so there are no readjustments to the layout.  The text keyboard is larger so it readjusts the FM Go layout to fit the text keyboard.




Figure 2. System Default Keyboard


Could these potentially re-adjust the same way for FM Go when using all keyboards as well as for the home bar?