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Problem with a  Save as PDF Script not saving to desktop

Question asked by FM_DM on Apr 6, 2018
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I am having a problem with a  Save as PDF Script. I have a script which saves a copy of a quote to your desktop with the pdf automatically set using the following path:

"file:" & Get ( DesktopPath ) & "Quotation" & " " & Quotations::quote_ref & " " & Quotations::site name &".PDF"


Whenever I run the script I get a popup which says "Quote_Ref Site Name.pdf" could not be created on this disk.


I have an existing script  which works OK from a different database. This saves a copy of the purchase order to my desktop:

"file:" & Get ( DesktopPath ) & "Grosvenor Order GA" & " " & purchase_orders::_kp_purchase_order_ID & ".PDF"


Obviously I assume my syntax is is off somehow as it doesn't appear to be putting the word Quotation in before the quote ref but I have been staring at it and can't figure it out. What am I missing?!