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Is this a bug?

Question asked by MarkBanin on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by SteveMartino

If I carry out a certain order of things it locks up part of filemaker - do any of you get different results?

Filemaker Pro Advanced

Windows 8.1

1) Open the script workspace

2) Place a pause (blue arrow) at some point in a script and save

3) press debug

4) when the script debugger pane opens, Press play

5) when the script hits the pause, go to the main database window and initiate any script (i press a button which initiates a 3 line script, which sets a global variable, Shows all records, goes to first record)

6) close the script debugger pane (press "X" in the top right)

7) The script workspace is now locked, and all the options under File>Manage are now all greyed out.


I have to close the database and re-open to get it working again.  Any ideas?