Filesize difference of PDF report with photo container

Discussion created by aartg on Apr 5, 2018
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I have built a report solution that adds a photo page to a report that will be exported to a PDF file. The amount of pictures that will be used can be very substantial. I have encountered the following phenomena, for which I could not find any explanation:


1. The photos are dragged into the container(s) by the user. (Without using a plugin) the obvious disadvantage is that the Filemaker database is growing too much, but the PDF that is exported is relatively small. In my test for example 8Mb.


2. The photos are inserted with Insert File or Import Record. Advantage is obviously that the pictures can be stored outside the database as a reference, but the PDF file that will be exported is always far too large. In my test with the same pictures 91Mb.


The used export script is all the same in both instances. Even if I do it manually I get the same result.


Does anyone has encountered this problem? Is there a solution in FM to get the same result in option 2 with a smaller PDF? To my guess I have to get the Troi and maybe 360 works plugins to get this settled, but I rather have a FM solution.