Font management in FM 16

Discussion created by ProdMan on Apr 5, 2018

Just upgraded to FM 16 (finally) and, as great as it is, I am disappointed to see that FM still (still, after all these years) has not address the issue of managing the fonts it uses. I know that it accesses the fonts installed on the OS, but in the case of graphic designers and managers, that can be more than a hundred fonts, and FM lists them all. I have just cleaned out my Windows 10 core fonts, and that leaves 75 that the system requires. That means that when I go to change a font from the formatting bar, the bottom of the fly-out extends past the bottom of the screen--I can't even get to the bottom arrow to scroll down. This has long been a problem, through many iterations of FM, on Macs and Windows. (Screen shot attached.) The only way to get to a font down in the list is to type it or chose the font from the "Format" menu, which somehow is intelligent enough not to have the fly-out extend past the bottom of the screen.


After all these years, with such a comprehensive database, why can't FM allow a user to choose what folder to pick the FM fonts from? Or at least designate fonts as favorites? This is a real oversight that should be addressed.