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Page X of Y, page counter per record

Question asked by WF7A on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by user19752

Howdy, all:


I know how create the Page X of Y using {{PageNumber}} and the ol' "store the last page number in a global field while in Preview mode", but where I'm getting stuck is if when there's multiple pages per report where the the "Y" count neds to reset for each value, e.g.:


Currently what's happening:

Value       Page X of Y

Steve       1 of 8

Steve       2 of 8

Steve       3 of 8

Venus      1 of 8

Venus      2 of 8

Venus      3 of 8

Venus      4 of 8

Robert     1 of 8



What I'd like to see is:

Steve       1 of 3

Steve       2 of 3

Steve       3 of 3

Venus      1 of 4

Venus      2 of 4

Venus      3 of 4

Venus      4 of 4

Robert     1 of 1


What kills me is that I worked this out some time ago but can't find the file. *blush* TIA for your help.