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authorized file not accessible from FM go

Question asked by btsgo on Apr 5, 2018
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I have a 2 Filemaker Hosted Files

1. File A and file B  that are both hosted in the server (Server X).

File A is authorised to access File B and always uses a lot of scripts from File B

In my application - i do the development in File A in the hosted file and when ready take a copy of the File A, lets call it File A Local and put it in a different server (Server Y).

Users then get to download the File A Local from Server Y and use it - it was all working fine for more than year now.


But since yesterday - I get when they try to run a script from Hosted File B - it get the 825 Error.

This Error only happens in Filemaker Go on iPhone and iPad, but the same File A Local works fine from my local Desktop computer.

I checked the File Access Privilege in Hosted FileB and the file is available.


Any alternative approach I should take to fix this.