Retrieving lost Bindkey (FMP Mac)

Discussion created by mattb on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by philmodjunk

I've already been told that lost Bindkeys cannot be retrieved in another recent discussion, so perhaps it's useless to start a new discussion on this topic, but wtf, desperate times call for desperate measures.


Seems to me if FMP Runtimes check Bindkeys when opening up files, then that value is stored SOMEWHERE, and should be retrievable SOMEHOW.  After all, what is it that triggers the error message "This file cannot be opened because it does not belong to this solution"?  This has to be the result of a string comparison that came up False.

Perhaps it is inside a .plist file inside the Runtime's package contents? 


I know that an import from a data file with the unknown Bindkey can be done into an identical file with a new Bindkey, but in my situation there are multiple tables with data contained in all of them and it would make for a laborious process, even if I managed to automate the import.  And that would have to be done over and over because this is a commercial program where I'm dealing with multiple customers, each of whom will want to use their old data files with a new Runtime.


So...SMH - help, please!  It's got to be possible to retrieve the old Bindkey from existing files that have it encoded in them.  That's what I have to think.





Matt Bloomfield