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Dynamic Value List referencing a calculation field

Question asked by lourensjoubert on Apr 6, 2018
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Hi — is there an expert that could shed some light please, I’m stuck (again)…


These two related tables refer:

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 11.39.56.png


On a layout based on the jobs table, the IDfkClient field is populated by selecting a client from a dynamic value list. If the list is based on either the ClientFirstName or ClientLastName fields it works as expected.


BUT, I would like to use the ClientFirstNameLastName (CFLN) field instead. And that’s when things fall apart. 


The CFLN field is a calculation that combines the FirstName and the LastName fields as follows: TrimAll ( ClientFirstName & " "  & ClientLastName; 0; 0 )


The CFLN field is indexed.


The calculation itself works as expected on a layout based on the Client table.


So the question is, why does the dynamic value list not work when I use the CFLN field?


Or am I going about this the wrong way altogether?


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