FM Developers in Southern California

Discussion created by hschlossberg on Apr 6, 2018

Are you in the Los Angeles area? Come join FMDiSC (FileMaker Developers in Southern California) for our monthly meetings.  Our next meeting is Friday, April 13, from 9:30am to 1:00pm. If you've never been to one of our meetings before, just ping me at info@fmdisc.org for meeting location or to be added to our meeting announcement list.  Otherwise, please feel free to show up - no need to RSVP.  We'd love to see you at the meeting and new members are always welcome!






“It’s Tapas Time!”


[Tapas; ta·pas; noun ; small savory dishes ]



Begone ye long-winded, powerpoint-heavy presentation of yore!  Our next meeting will instead feast on numerous bite-sized morsels for your tasting experience. This “Tips & Tricks” laden meeting should provide every attendee with some development nugget they can use. Even more impressive, the meeting will feature “dishes” from every FMDiSC board member (and one non-board member), as they put on their aprons and prepare some tasty development “snacks” for the group to devour.



Barry Isakson (Architectronica)

Barry’s found a clever custom list function that he’s hoping to share with the group for consideration.



David Knight (Angel City Data)

David will show a speedy technique for selecting found records, and will follow that with an iOS case study with some eye-popping new designs.



Mark Kimbrell (Alchemy Group)

Mark will explore integrating the popular Slack messaging platform with FileMaker Pro systems.



Bob Shockey (Alchemy Group)

Bob will explore a slide control navigation panel technique, and weigh its strengths and weaknesses against other methods native to FileMaker.



Jonathan Reff (Imaging Solutions) and Lynn Allen (Allen & Allen Semiotics)

This tandem will lead a roundtable discussion with a focus on “FileMaker Fundamentals”…challenging all to revisit our everyday, core development practices. This specific session will focus on record creation techniques, so be ready to join in this fray!


Breakfast/networking starts at 9:30.  The meeting starts promptly at 10:00.

Additional info at info@fmdisc.org