Can I Link Three or More Tables to a Join Table?

Discussion created by PeterTeneldas on Apr 7, 2018
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Hello, everyone.


I would like to start off by saying I’m not really all that knowledgeable about database design. Some concepts I understand, some I don’t. I’ve been dabbling with Filemaker and in general, I find it easier to use than Access. I’ve managed to figure out some things on my own without much help. Other things required people holding my hand and guiding me through things.


I’m building a movie inventory database. I have my own personal cataloging system, and the database really needs only four fields! The other fields I’ve created were just icing on the cake, so to speak. They were the result of my experimenting with Filemaker, and figuring out how to do some things.


I’m attaching two databases to this message. The first one I created on my own, with a couple of exceptions. I got help with the calculations in the tabbed section. I also was told I needed only one value list with the value “1” in it, so that helped reduce the number of value lists.


The second database is what I want to work on further, because it is relational and has a join table. I’m really fuzzy and blurry regarding a few concepts, so I’m asking for help here. I got a LOT of help with it. I need more.


The second database has a many-to-many relationship. It allows me to assign more than one “genre” to a movie. For example, Blazing Saddles is both a comedy and western. Those are “genres.”


I would like to add a Directors field and an Actors field, much in the same manner as the Genre field works. The Directors and Actors fields will ultimately have hundreds of records. I’m definitely going to need a vertical scroll bar to wade through those lists. Or, I could use a “type ahead” mechanism, which I haven’t learned how to do yet.


But my question is this: Is it a good idea or a bad idea to link the Directors and Actors to the join table, in addition to the Genre table? If it is okay to create a Directors and Actors table and join them to the join table, then I can go ahead and work on that right now.


However, if you believe it is not a good idea, then I’d like to discuss with you why not, and what the alternatives are.


One more comment and then I’m done for now: Once the Genre, Directors, and Actors tables and fields are created and operating properly, is it possible to created a tabbed section for them? Can portals contain tabs, or vice versa? This is something I’d like to work on down the line. Right now, understanding the best way to plug in sections for Directors and Actors is what I want to focus on.


Thank you for any assistance you care to provide.