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Why is my Find Matching Fields not returning the record I am on?

Question asked by CoraWoolsey on Apr 8, 2018

Hi all,


I am creating a database for the purpose of conducting a scoping review and I am currently wrestling with how to allow the user to choose which duplicate record to work with and which to omit from the review. I have created a series of scripts which work great together to get this job done, except I can't figure out how to make the script work for choosing a duplicate record to work with. Currently, I have it set up this way: the user clicks the button that says "resolve duplicates" which takes them to a new window where the three duplicate records are listed. They check a box on the one they wish to keep, while the other two are excluded. Then the user can close the window and the records not selected are omitted. This has been great, except that the script to find the matching records and bring them up in a new window only returns the matching records of the first records in the dataset, not the one that the user clicked on. Any ideas about what I am doing wrong?


Here is the script I am using:


New Window [ Name: "Resolve duplicates" ]

Go to Layout [ “Resolve Duplicates” (Document Library) ]

Find Matching Records [ Replace; Document Library::Title ]

Sort Records [ Keep records in sorted order ; Specified Sort Order: Document Library::Choose Primary ; descending ]

[ Restore; No dialog//sort descending based on the field checked to indicate the record to keep ]


By way of explanation:

The main table is "Document Library" with a self-join by the field "Title." The identification of duplicates is bythis self-join relationship.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,-------------------------Cora