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Things that slow down FM16?

Question asked by onefish on Apr 8, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by wimdecorte

Hi, I have knocked up a database for myself for doing quotations and it all works but sooooo sloooow. I have just returned to FM with 16 advanced after not really using it since FM 7 and I don't ever recall having these sorts of issues with FM 7. FM was always faster than excel for relational calculations but excel would do what my quote database does 20 times faster. So my question I suppose is: is there a list of things to stay away from so FM doesn't get bogged down?


My database is just running locally on a very high end custom desktop PC with heaps of processing power and memory. I set up the working layout with 3x related portals where clicking on a portal row in portal 1 shows related records in portal 2, and clicking on a row in portal 2 shows related records in portal 3. This is to drill down (so to speak) for quoting. Of course all 3 portals are actually related to the quote table record which shows the portals. There are plenty of table instances and relationships to sum fields by various criteria (I.e. expenditure category, trade, etc), which are also displayed on the same layout, like a small cross tab report. I have an ultra wide 34" monitor it all fits fine.


I used hide object while 1=1 a few times to hide things in browse mode (not sure if that slows FM down). I also used conditional formatting on empty calculation fields to change the portal background colours once clicked so I can see which relationship I am adding records to.


It all worked fine in testing with only a few dummy records but I have just done a real quote with 68 records in portal 1, about 100 related records in table 2 (although only a couple show at a time based on the portal record selected in portal 1), and 332 records in table 3. So a very small record set really but it takes several seconds to commit a record = unacceptable.


I will have to pull it apart and rethink my strategy but if there are known offenders, I will start there.


Thank you!