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Create & Update records from repeating field's content

Question asked by Cécile on Apr 8, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by philmodjunk

I like challenges but my brain makes them sometimes too advanced for me to pursue. Yet, now that the idea is here, I want to solve it. Please play with me!


I have a table:  µLayouts

It contains 3 fields:      Internal_ID     Name_Current      ©ListAll


©ListAll is a Text global field


The button Refresh Layouts List calls a script based on Agnès Barouh and Udo Bösch superb custom functions  which lists all the layouts in the file paired with their internal IDs.


Here is the Layout (listview) associated with the table µLayouts with one empty record for now:


I guess I could use another function to extract the ID from the repetition but when there are more layouts or the order changes, the repetition number would be as useless as a layout number. (That would be true if the field was a repeating field but it isn't as I learn further down this thread.)


Instead, I want to create corresponding records where:


Each repetition list line corresponds to one record with the number put in field Internal_ID and the Name in the field Name_Current


The script Create/Update records from list would function a bit like an update matching record in found set of the import records function

  • updating records using the Internal_ID as the match field
  • creating the new records for non matching lines
  • removes (or set as inactive) the records that are no longer in the list


I don't know where to start!


Edited to correct my assumption that this was a repeating field (it isn't).