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Importing Images

Question asked by toby91 on Apr 9, 2018
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Just a real quick question, I suspect there is nothing I can do.


Using FileMaker as a database to enter in results from scanned in images. I have two main tables the data, which has pre-filled information and then an image table where I am importing images by going file- import folder - images ect giving me the four fields. filename, path, image thumnail.....


Now I had last week imported the first 2,000 records which had about 36,000 images connected to it, which is equivalent to 18 questions.


Today I have another 3,000 to do or another 54,000 images, I imported the images the same way, adding new records only using the filename as the unique key.


However it seems to be running through the total 90,000 images and looks like taking a few hours, which is annoying not being able to work on this database or another.


Is there a way of doing this quicker, or ensuring FileMaker doesn't go through all the images. Because tomorrow I might have only 100 new records but instead of just going through the 1,800 images it will go through all of them.


I suspect there is nothing I can do, but thought I would double check, Thanks.