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Calculating Times and Pulling Out Averages over time

Question asked by smasters on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by philmodjunk

I work with a drop-in center in Ohio. We use filemaker pro to track the times that clients enter and leave, as well as some other data, including "timeouts" for infractions. I have been working on 2 things, and have been unable to find a solution.


First, for timeouts: In the past, we have had a timestamp function for the date and time of an infraction, and then manually entered how long a timeout is for, and when it is set to expire. I have been trying to build a code that will automatically calculate the expiration date based on the date of the infraction, and the amount of time specified. The "amount of time" is a text drop-down menu of various options, 24 hours, 48 hours, 1 week, etc. I'm guessing that I probably need to have that translate to a number format, which I can then use to add to the timestamp. I've been googling around, and it looks like I need to convert the length of the timeout to seconds, and have a ton of if functions. Can anyone help me out? There is also another variable, in that some timeouts do not begin until the client is informed of the timeout. I built a text box with options of "incident" and "informed." I have already created a timestamp button for the "informed" category that would be included in the calculation.


I would like to be able to pull out the daily average of guests we serve everyday. Right now, I can run a search for how many guests were in the center over a given period of time, which brings back the directory list of all the people who were signed in. However, to find the AVERAGE daily guests, I have to search each day individually and write down the number.