Can I Use Auto-Complete on a Join Table-Based Drop Down Menu?

Discussion created by PeterTeneldas on Apr 10, 2018
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The next thing I want to do with my movie database is set up a type-ahead or auto-complete menu for the cast/crew list.


By “type-ahead,” I mean a drop down menu that lets me type in a letter or two, and it filters the list to names beginning with that letter.


For example, if I type in WO, the list of names would be limited to Woody Allen, Woody Harrelson, Woody Strode, etc.


I found a tutorial on the Filemaker Help page:


I haven’t tried it yet, but based on just a quick glance at this documentation, it sounds surprisingly simple. TOO simple!  So, I must ask...will auto-complete/type-ahead work properly with the setup I’m working on? I’m definitely going to need some sort of filtering system to distill hundreds of names down to a few.

Thank you!