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WebDirect & button bar - partial redraw when Hide condition changes

Question asked by justinc on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by justinc

I've run into a small issue when trying to use Web Direct (FMS 16, Safari) with a button bar that has 3 segments, but 2 of which are always hidden.  (Because of layering problems in Web Direct, I went with this solution so that I could have 3 buttons occupy the same space.)


In a certain condition it appears that the button bar only partially updates after the field the controls the Hide Condition is changed.  This button bar is in a portal row.  The normal workflow is you have to enter a Date first; the first button thus shows a little calendar icon.  When you enter a Date, then the button changes to a 'Person' icon (it takes you to a detail view for that person).  Then once a button is pressed in the detail view, the button back on the portal would change to the 3rd button.


The button will properly be refreshed when switching layouts and returning to the 1st layout.


Here are the visual states from Safari, showing the original segment, original with hover, original with pop-over with date picker; then after filling in the date, you can see the button bar segments only partially redraw and look corrupted.  At first it looks like there are 2 buttons partially being shown, but when you hover of the center area it looks as if all 3 segments are partially shown.  (The person icon you see is the 2nd segment.)


Initial state:


Initial state on hover:




Once a Date is picked, the button bar looks wonky:

Initial_Popover with date - corrupt.png

Hovering over the center part of the corrupted button:

Initial_Popover with date - corruptHover.png

In layout mode, you can see the 3 segments:

ButtonBar w 3 segments.png


I can get around this by forcing a Refresh Window, but that is a nasty experience for the user, causing the entire screen to flash and redraw.