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FM Data API and Containers

Question asked by danjamins on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by disabled_ggt667

I'm working with the FM Data API and absolutely loving how easy it is to use. One huge let down was the ability to insert documents into container fields.


We're playing on making a web app that utilizes this for entering jobs into our FMP database which needs to be able to insert documents into our Documents table. Sadly, I'm unable to do so via the data API


So I figured, why not ask the community what they suggest as a solution to get around this? This is the only table that has a container field, so what would be a good method to get this table populated through a web app?


I figure it would have to be handled via the PHP API, but what happens if FMI decides to deprecate the PHP API in the future?


Do they have plans on bringing the functionality to insert into containers via the FM Data API eventually?