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Building scalable solutions - best practices.

Question asked by user2147414 on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by wimdecorte

Hello peers.


I was wondering what the best practices for scalable solutions are, and which do's and don'ts I should remember.


Regarding scalability, I am thinking in the general sense, and not in any particular field.


Therefore the range of scalability includes what is possible within filemaker AND what must be stitched into filemaker with URL calls and what not.


The solution I am currently involved developing in, has great potential, if pulled of in a scalable fashion.

Therefore, it must include rock solid and stable authentication and security across multiple platforms, including iOS sdk app, web publishing, and filemaker clients.

I should only have to maintain one master solution with common layouts.

Multiple tenants should be able to have multiple accounts across different groups with specific rights for different layouts.

Data stores must be able to be migrated fully or partially, eg a tenant might want to host their data at a local server, a remote server or hosted server. Data stores should be able to migrate to specific regions or different hosts if needed.

Tenants must be able to have specially designed layouts for their use only.


Etc. etc etc...


I peeked into the great demo solution for dynamic data sources, which is inspiring, and also a bit into using an sql connector in case a specific one tenant only data store needs maintenance regarding adding more tables or fields.



So... what are your thoughts on the topic?