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FileMaker + Tableau

Question asked by toby91 on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by drakeen

Good morning (or evening for many)


Been using FileMaker for a month or so now and we love it at work so we are planning on rolling with it for a lot of things.


One of the big things we want to do with it is connect it directly to Tableau for publishing to tableau server


I have started researching how to do this and our FIleMaker account manager sent some links but this isn't my strong suit and I am a little lost.


It looks like I have to install a FileMaker OBDC Driver, but have searched the web and cannot find it.


I am using a 64 bit windows 7 with FileMaker Pro Advanced and tableau desktop V14.


Does anyone have the link to the driver? or can help me through the process please?


Any tips on using them together or problems had would be great to hear, I take all advise on board