Radio Buttons in a Portal:  Pointing to the Same Option

Discussion created by PeterTeneldas on Apr 11, 2018
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Hello, again, everyone. Some of you reading this know I’m working on a movie database, and I think I’ve made considerable progress understanding some database design concepts.


Several of you helped me understand I should have one table for “people,” and the portal should reflect their functions in the movie, i.e. actor, director, writer, composer, producer, etc.


A few of you even sent me sample databases, and they helped tremendously. Thank you to everyone who has helped me.


I’ve done some experimenting, and I think I’ve come pretty close to getting this section of my database working. It needs some tweaking, so if I may, I’d like to ask for some assistance with it.


First of all, I believe the most practical way of setting up this section of the database is by creating a portal that has two sections: One that shows the person’s name, and another section that shows their function in the movie.


For example:


Young Frankenstein


Mel Brooks – Director

Gene Wilder – Actor

Teri Garr – Actor

Peter Boyle – Actor

Cloris Leachman – Actor

Madeline Kahn – Actor

Right now, I am only interested in actors and directors. So, I have a problem to solve: If I use drop-down menus, with one of them holding only two values (Actor and Director), I will have to select Actor over and over again, each time I select an actor’s name. This can get tedious. So, I want to figure out a way to have the menu automatically go to a default choice, unless I manually override it. In other words, I want it to automatically list ACTOR, unless I go into the menu and select DIRECTOR.


After thinking about it a bit more, I decided it might be a lot easier to create a radio button set, with only two options: Actor, and Director. The ACTOR button should be selected by default, unless I manually override it by selecting the DIRECTOR button.


Does this make sense? Is this a good idea? I created a custom value list, with only these two options.


So, I designed a test database to see how to create all of this. It’s attached to this message.


I haven’t designed the radio button set correctly because after I select a person’s name, I click a radio button, and ALL of the radio buttons have that identical selection. In other words, if I click ACTOR in the first radio button, then ALL of the radio buttons go to ACTOR. If I try clicking any one of the radio buttons in the portal, ALL of the buttons go to that selection.


So, obviously, I did something wrong--probably several things wrong. Would anyone be willing to take a moment and look at what I’ve done, and see where I made a mistake (or mistakes)?


And, can anyone tell me if there’s a way to enable a default setting on the radio buttons, so it automatically goes to ACTOR unless I select DIRECTOR?


Thank you, everyone!